About Al-Tamimi
Founded in 1953, when Shaikh Ali A. AlTamimi decided to start his journey as an entrepreneur by establishing a company specialized in building pipelines and general contracting. The company grew later to become a leader in different business sectors, such as : Building & Contracting, Trading, Manufacturing, Catering, Operations & Maintenance and Retail.

Lately, the group went through a massive restructuring plan, which have resulted in higher productivity and work efficiency, the group also succeeded in establishing few more sectors in: Marine Services, Industrial Services and Power.

The Owners have recognize that good governance, general transparency, and –in particular– ongoing financial transparency are critical to the long term success and existence of Tamimi Group. As such, they have also decided to apply Corporate Governance rules and regulation throughout the Group companies, as a result, a dedicated team has been formed to manage and monitor the process.

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